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What if you had direct access to YOUR doctor and no extra fees for office-based care?

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What if you had direct access to YOUR doctor and no extra fees for office-based care?
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What is Direct Primary Care?


At Alpha Omega Elevation & Wellness, you will find a team of accessible professionals ready to care for you for your primary care and urgent care needs. You no longer have to leave a message with office staff hoping that you'll hear back to get your question answered. With all of our monthly membership plans, you get direct access to your physician or nurse practitioner.

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We're Here to Promote Your Wellness

We aren't just here to make you "not sick," but also to see you find wellness physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


Primary Care/Urgent Care

Whether you need care for a chronic condition such as hypertension, or you have an injury or illness requiring sutures or IV medications and fluids, we have the resources and the skills to manage these common issues. 

All of our membership programs include our primary care and urgent care services.


Our team includes pastoral counselors, addiction counselors, and peer recovery specialists who can walk with you to find healing in your relationships, resolution of your internal pain, and hope for a better future than you've imagined. 

Additional fees apply to counseling and coaching. Fee schedule varies based on membership program. 

Hormone Management

We help our clients optimize their health by evaluating whether they should be on hormone therapy to improve their wellness. 

Additional fees apply to hormone management, and those rates vary based on membership package. Once hormones are optimized, however, there is no need for ongoing extra charges. 

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Jun 30, 2021

IV Therapy

Jun 30, 2021

We also are proud to provide addiction treatment

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Since 2018, we have helped many suffering with the bondage of addiction. We utilize medication paired with counseling and faith to help clients regain control of their life. 

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