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Whether you struggle
with addiction, or
just emotional pains
life has dealt you,
we provide counseling
and medication,
on a foundation
of faith, to
move you


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Founded by a doctor who has been where you are.

Dr. Dee Bonney suffered from addiction and depression himself in 2004. He has been where you are, and he's assembled a team that will show you the path you've been praying for to get out of the bondage of addiction, emotional trauma, or relationship dysfunction. 

We use all the tools available to us tohelp you find relief from your struggles.


Unlike other faith-based treatment programs, we believe that medication can be very beneficial when treating addiction, withdrawal, depression, and anxiety. We use medicine as one of our tools to get you relief from your suffering.


Our team includes biblical counselors, addiction counselors, and peer recovery specialists who can walk with you to find healing in your relationships, resolution of your internal pain, and hope for a better future than you've imagined. 

Proven Biblical Principles

What we have found is that applying biblical principles to life's can bring healing to situations in which a person has felt completely stuck and hopeless in a given situation. 

Our Philosophy

We believe you bring enormous value to the world. We know that whatever is limits you are facing be addressed and your obstacles overcome to elevate your life to a new level. Let us help you find the path you've been looking for.

Don't Wait. Let us help.

Many of us feel alone in our suffering. Getting help is hard, but waiting can cause permanent devastation around you - loss of relationships, loss of job, even loss of life. Let us help you.


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