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This is not your ordinary addiction treatment.



Whether you struggle
with addiction, or
just emotional pains
life has dealt you,
we provide counseling
and medication,
on a foundation
of faith, to
move you


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Founded by a doctor who has been where you are.

Dr. Dee Bonney suffered from addiction and depression himself in 2004. He has been where you are, and he's assembled a team that will show you the path you've been praying for to get out of the bondage of addiction, emotional trauma, or relationship dysfunction. 

"AOE has changed my life physically, emotionally, and spiritually!!! Dr. Dee and the staff there are not just that, they become your friends. Friends that truly care about your recovery. The group classes have changed my whole outlook on life as a whole. So thankful for AOE! "

LT, AOE client

"The staff gives you hope! Tried multiple programs over the past few years but the only thing that is sticking with me is Alpha Omega Elevation. I’m learning so much about myself . Tying in biblical with recovery just works for me ! I’m so happy the lord lead me in the direction of AOE . They have group meetings and also one on one. I also had a Lot of trouble finding places that take people without insurance . They will work with you on payments which is great. AOE is a miracle and saved my life and it can save yours as well . If I can do it then so can you! There is HOPE ❤️🙏."

AOE Client

"Where do you go when you have no idea what to do I am not a patient at Aoe but someone we love is. In January of 2019 we found AOE. Not by word of mouth but by God's grace. Our grown son was in trouble. When we called for an appointment we were told to come that day. The first person we met was Hope. With a name like that we knew we were in the right place. Then we met Dr. D. He gave us all hugs and peace of mind. We knew we were going to be alright. We have our son back. With that said I highly recommend AOE. You are a name not a patient chart number. Parents are always parents. If you have a grown child who truly needs help AOE is a safe place. Surrounded by people who understand and care Thank you Dr Dee and his lovely wife and thank you Hope for all you do. "

BO and DO
Parents of AOE Client

"This place is awesome! For anyone working and trying to be clean this is the place, the doctor goes above and beyond to meet you anytime, and that is really nice for those who have to work during the day. He has literally met me last minute so I can go on vacations and he has even met me on a Saturday! What other doctor does that? Yes, the price can be scary but he is always willing to help with payment arrangements! This office is the place for anyone wanting to be clean and sober."

AOE Client

Frequently Asked Questions

Concierge level access to your provider, medication management for addiction, urine drug screens, and group counseling services. 

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Suboxone is indeed an opioid but working differently inside a person body than that of heroin or oxycodone. Suboxone also known as Buprenorphine returns a person back to a functional baseline; no longer feeling the highs or lows of addiction. 

Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) is the combination of medications such as Suboxone [Buprenorphine] in addition to therapy/counseling to assist in addiction recovery.

We use all the tools available to us tohelp you find relief from your struggles.


Unlike other faith-based treatment programs, we believe that medication can be very beneficial when treating addiction, withdrawal, depression, and anxiety. We use medicine as one of our tools to get you relief from your suffering.


Our team includes biblical counselors, addiction counselors, and peer recovery specialists who can walk with you to find healing in your relationships, resolution of your internal pain, and hope for a better future than you've imagined. 

Proven Biblical Principles

What we have found is that applying biblical principles to life's can bring healing to situations in which a person has felt completely stuck and hopeless in a given situation. 

Our Philosophy

We believe you bring enormous value to the world. We know that whatever is limits you are facing be addressed and your obstacles overcome to elevate your life to a new level. Let us help you find the path you've been looking for.


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