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The Doctor-Patient Relationship

Uncategorized Jan 12, 2021

One reason I’m excited about this new venture into direct primary/patient care is finally having the focus and time to foster best communications and relationships with my patients.  

Said communication goes both ways: it need be an intricate, complicated “give and take.”  

Yet in some instances, unfortunately, in my years at the bedside, I have noted amongst my peers (and I confess, with me, too), a dynamic that has increasingly evolved into a wholly paternalistic: “I [doctor] will give you [patient] what you need and you will just accept that.”  Time constraints, external pressures, insurance companies and government, quality measures, practice guidelines, meaningful use, blah blah blah, can further work to add to a more domineering, less interactive, “take it or leave it” approach in the care of our patients.  Though I do believe that my evaluations and resulting plans are sound, I still must earn the confidence of my...

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How to Be a Superhero


An interesting fact about superheroes: Most of them have to go through some pain to get to the place where they are recognized for their extraordinary abilities. They may have to wander some monumental path of discovery and enlightenment, or they may have to traverse a deep valley before ascending the mountain to become the stoic guardian of their domain. During their journey, however, you would probably dismissed them as average and unworthy of recognition. Batman had to watch his parents be killed and then train to be the knight he becomes. Ironman had to catch shrapnel near his heart before necessity and opportunity intersected to birth the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

If superheroes are born from strife and develop superpowers as a result of the difficulties they encounter, let me pose a question: What’s your superpower going to be? What have you fought hard to recover from (or are still battling) that can equip you to impact the world around you? There are...

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Are You Saving Your Adult Children From Consequences


Key Points:

  • Intervening in our loved ones life delaying or shielding them from consequences may not actually bless them. 
  • Protecting them from hurt and not enabling is a fine line. 
  • You're delaying their healing by protecting them from feeling pain. God disciplines us via consequences. 
  • As a father myself, initially I'm going to intervene with my own wisdom and instruction and then my own discipline. But let's say that's not working and my son is in jail for the second or third time. Would my bailing him out be a hinderance to him feeling the weight of consequences for his decisions? 
  • Facing consequences is an opportunity for me to actually experience growth. It's an opportunity for my character change, evolve to get stronger, but when I'm spared consequences, guys, you take away my opportunity to become better. You take away my opportunity for life to teach me some lessons.

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