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With the onset of warm weather and the spring soccer season, I am bracing for the recurrent questions regarding concussions.  Such is the life of a dad physician cheering from the sidelines. Though it is true that the fast pace, aggressive play, and frequent hard contact of soccer are a set up for this injury, many other mechanisms can be at play.  Most associate concussions with high impact, high velocity incidents; however, even less forceful traumas can be the cause, particularly when sudden and rapid head movement is also associated.  This knowledge is important:  1) we need be vigilant that, though helmets are helpful in reducing fractures and some contact forces upon vital structures, they do not add full protection against shearing forces and resulting injuries; 2) we must be observant with even less forceful injuries, such as an elbow to the head, standing up an hitting your head on a low beam, or a fall even when no obvious impact occurs, to give a...

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Sneeze, Sneeze Go Away... Allergies, Ugh

If you see someone wearing a mask it may not be because of the ‘rona it may just be because they don’t want to breathe in all the pollen flying through the air. 

Those lucky enough not to suffer from seasonal allergies may not understand what the big deal is but let me paint you a little picture. The cells in your body are just minding their own business when all of a sudden the air raid sirens start going off like. Not like the weekly tornado test sirens that we all ignore, but like seek-a-bomb-shelter type alarm starts going off inside our body and our cells start freaking out. Histamine and leukotrienes start being produced causing an increase in blood volume resulting in congestion and inflammation [hello runny nose, sinus pressure, headache, flushed skin, itchiness, watery eyes] The histamine is how our cells are trying to combat all the pollen entering our body. The body knows this pollen is a foreign intruder. And since our cells make terrible preppers they...

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Health Tip Collection

Our collection of health tips


Where to start? Think about starting with a multi-vitamin. Typically, a multi-vitamin has 7 ingredients:

Vitamin D
Vitamin B12

**But if you struggle with constipation a multi-vitamin with iron may worsen the problem.

Not all vitamins are created equal. Look at the quality of the vitamins. Read the instructions. Some are best taken with food, some without. Remember, vitamins are used to supplement what you aren't receiving from a proper diet.


Migraines are miserable. Understanding your migraine triggers can be key to keeping your pain at bay. Did you know food triggers can occur up to 24 hours after consumption? By tracking your food you are more likely to zero in on a pattern and begin experimenting with eliminating certain foods from your diet. Even though Excedrin Migraine contains caffeine to help combat your migraine, too much caffeine can cause rebound headaches. By tracking and potentially...

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